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NEW F/F Tickling Video - the Rotating Brush

TICKLING VIDEO - Testing the Rotating Brush

FULL Amateur Tickling Video - Testing the Rotating Brush
OVER 20 minutes: F/F Feet - 14 minutes + Solo Self Tickling - 8 minutes

Alright folks, we're back with a new toy and we're testing its efficacy. 

As you've probably guessed, it's a rotating tooth brush, which we used to test Ludmilla's soles for ticklish spots.
Ludmilla is the exchange student from my previous video, and I won't pussyfoot around it: she's strapped for cash.
So, if you're buying my videos, you're helping her too.

Again, the video is as candid and amateur as I could get.
And this time we managed to get another girl involved, as the tickler of the video.
She's very new to the fetish scene, so it took her a while to learn the ropes.
But she was a fast learner.

Word of Warning:

Patreon limits the size for attachments, so I had to split the full file into three different clips.
I had to reduce resolution for technical reasons too, but I put HD versions on Gumroad; see links below.

The first clip is solo action: Ludmilla is testing her brush on her own, solo.
Second clip is each sole on its own: the new girl in purple tests the brush on Ludmilla, one sole at the time.
Finally, third clip is both soles, loose and tied up.

Compared to the previous video, action is very tame.
The girls were still getting acquainted with each other, and they were still warming up.
But it's over 20 minutes of rotating brush on soles action; very focalized, and I hope fun enough.

Where to GET IT:

Lo Res on Patreon.
If you are tier BONUS VID, they are part of you benefits.

Hi Res on Gumroad.
Discounted price for backers.

Amateur Tickling Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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