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Photoblocked? Patreonise!

Greetings folks!

Looks like Photobucket recently gave a cut to its 3rd party hosting service.
This means, whoever used to rely on Photobucker to embed images, now will have to pay for Plan 500 for the same effect.

The change might affect many of us; my own blog and posts heavily relied on PB's hosting to showcase my stuff.
Tracking down every single bit of it and updating to a different host will take time; maybe more than some of us are willing to devote.
Maybe somebody will call it quits. Maybe times are ripe for a radical change of scenario.
Whichever, you can still find my pics and photos over facebook.

My profile is still active; so are my pages.
I even opened a new page for one-shot sketches.
Also, I moved some of my newest stuff to a Patreon account.
If you'd like to keep in touch, feel free to pay me a visit.

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See you next crime!