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Tickling Art - Guest - BigFootFantasies!

Kalamos Komics has the pleasure of showcasing MTJ Pub's veteran artist BigFootFantasies.

Kalamos Komics - BigFootFantasies

Flowing and stylised, BFF's art celebrates the beauty of female foot.
BFF revels in portraying Comic-Book PinUps and Television Idols as Foot Fetish Icons.

Kalamos Komics - BigFootFantasiesKalamos Komics - BigFootFantasies

More often than not, BFF indulges in his secret passion for Tickling Torture.
From objects of desire to victims of cruel torments, his PinUp little can to but to yield to the relentless tickling.

Kalamos Komics - BigFootFantasiesKalamos Komics - BigFootFantasies

While I am at it, please allow me to advertise BFF's latest Ezine:
NightShade - the Ballad of Silk Talon - from MTJ Publishing.

Kalamos Komics - MTJ PublishingKalamos Komics - MTJ Publishing

* BigFootFantasies - DeviantArt.
* BigFootFantasies - MTJ Publishing.


Last but not least, MTJ Pub's current promo sales.

MTJ Publishing - Tickling Torture.
Tickling in StocksTickling in Stocks

* Tickling Comics - Promo Sale - MTJ Publishing.