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AMATEUR F/F - Twin Milfs - Tickling RUBY


FULL Amateur Tickling Videos - Mature Ladies Tickling Each Other in Cosplay

F/F Feet Tickling with Fingers, Paintbrushes, Rotating Brush & Assorted Junk

Alright folks, this is the first video of the batch.
We actually shot it last, but you basically voted this one as the first one.

As mentioned before, this was a test audition for a couple of ladies.

They knew about my tickling videos; they wanted to get a slice of the fun.
Since it was a test audition, we went smooth and easy.

Nonexistent plot, formulaic action: just two ladies taking turns tickling each other.
They used several tools, including a rotating brush, combs, screwdrivers, paintbrushes - anything they had at hand.
Plus some biting and worshipping, because they were in the right mood.
Cool fact: they came with their own cosplay gear, since it's something they do anyway for fun.

Seven minutes of foot tickling, with tools, fingers and, briefly, teeth.
For a VERY discounted price.


Amateur Tickling Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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