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F/F Foot Tickling - Tortured by The Guest in Purple

Amateur Foot Tickling Fetish Video
Female Guest Tickling Ludmilla

A female friend of Ludmilla's dropped by to say hi.

She found out we were shooting tickling films.
Wanted to join the fun; shenanigans ensued.
Soap, rotating brush, cleaning brush, good old finger.
Almost 15 minutes of amateur tickling action.

The female guest never shot a tickling video before and fumbled around at first.
Then she got the hang of it, and Ludmilla had to call for a pause several times during filming; the guest was THAT relentless.

Of course, no tickling video is complete without a revenge flick.
So the guest in purple stayed for comeback.
Even from the sneak preview you can see she is the real deal.
Ludmilla went easy on her.
But THAT is for a future update...

WHERE to get the NEW clip and the first one???
On Patreon!!!

Amateur Foot Tickling FetishVideo
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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