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Tickling in Total BLACK - New Amateur VIDEO

 FULL Amateur Tickling Video - Total Black
OVER 45 minutes - M/F Foot Worship and Tickling Torture in Bondage
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This video is a bit of a throwback to old school flicks of the '90s and '00s.

Full length feature, no special effects, no complicated cuts.
Just POV raw footage, cobbled together for publishing, with little in the way of editing.
Well, we did add just a few beeps to cover up foul-mouthed swearing.
Boy, was she a blasphemer...

For all her bravado, our lady model wasn't up for showing her face.
We had to settle for a full black + shades and mask suit.
She was smug; she told us she was not ticklish in the least.
Bold words.
She was in for a rude surprise if she expected us to go easy on her.
Especially with that kind of attitude.

First few minutes we let her warm up a bit.
She's the stoic type and she's built up a resistance to our methods.
So we lulled her into a sense of security.
Then our tickler struck where she thought it wouldn't tickle.
And it did.

She swore like a sailor, she let out curses and laughter.
We did not relent.
She got tied up, tickled with both tools and hands, tickled both upper-body and feet.
Our tickled worshipped her feet and then bit her.
She did not expect that and she really lost it.

We would then proceed to add my personal favorite: brushed on oil.
At the end of the day, she was tapped out.
She could only pant out a few more feeble swear words, while our tickled patted her soles, mockingly.

What You Get:

Over forty five minutes of foot and upper-body tickling, prodding, torturing and worshipping.
Our tickler is almost giddy to search our model's body for tickling spots.

She thinks she can get it; "I'm not very ticklish", she says, as she agrees to keep her hands aloft, without need for cuffs or ropes.

She shouldn't have wagered the extra oil tickling...

Amateur Tickling Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting
Adults Respective (C) Apply
25% OFF with TOTBLA25 Code at Checkout

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