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Fairy Fetish Folks

FANTASY Bundle - Fairy Fetish and Tickling Folks

"This poor little suicidal Fairy hoped she could put an end to her miserable existence, by throwing herself into a patch of ravenous Chokevines, in one of the cursed clearings of the old Druid grove. Little did she know that she would enjoy being squeezed by the fell creature's tendrils to an unexpected, unprecedented degree.

And the sentient Chokevine didn't expect it would find the fae's exhilarated gyrations both toxic and intoxicating, sending it into a ravenous frenzy, in which it flailed and borrowed into the poor little Fairy's most sensitive spots and crevices with reckless abandon - which proved torturous to the fae's viciously ticklish body while keeping it on the nerve wracking cusp of a bone shattering climax.

Now they are stuck together, and they are very miserable. The poor little suicidal Fairy can't die. The maddened Chokevine can't devour her.

Both actually very much love it..."

OC Fetish Art
All Characters Depicted as Adult
Respective (C) Apply

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