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JUNE - Return of the Burglar - Tickling with OIL and TOOLS

Amateur Foot Tickling with OIL and TOOLS
Fetish Video The Burglar 2 - Tickling Ludmilla with OIL - 10 mins


At last I am releasing the second part of the Burglar Cosplay series.

Now the Burglar uses OIL on tied-up Ludmilla, and her reactions are sweet.

On the whole the video is slower and more deliberately paced than, say, Videocall Tickling.
But there is a serenely sexy, almost ASMR quality to it.

The Burglar is in no hurry to break Ludmilla: they are relentless, and resorts to fingers, quills and sculpting tools.
Ludmilla is none too amused, or maybe she is...

Tech Talk:

As before, I am publishing this video on Gumroad first, at 720p, and later on Patreon for my Plus and over Backers at 360p.

Partial List of Ludmilla's Capers Clips:

Amateur Foot Tickling Fetish Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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