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Halloween Tickling - the ALIEN FILES


FULL Amateur Tickling Video - ALIEN FILES - the Tickling
21 minutes - M/F Feet Tickling with Fingers, Paintbrushes, Rotating Brush + OIL

Alright folks, this started out as a joke, and then we actually made it for real.
Alien tickling - with a Halloween Mask - for that extra seasonal spicy taste.
Since the girl available for this vid didn't want to show her face anyway, all turned out ok.

Well, almost all: neighborhood was extra noisy when we shot this clip.
I tried to correct some of the worst offenders digitally, but that's not the clearest audio ever.
On the plus side, our alien girl was a loud laugher - wonder what the folks around thought.

Actually, she was a bit of gigglepuss.
She sometimes began laughing even without touching her.
All in all, a lovely girl.
Pretty feet and a prettier laugh.

What You Get:

Twenty one minutes of mixed foot tickling in bondage.
Fingers, paintbrush, rotating brush, plus oil.
We even managed to cram an extra bonus scene from the audition shot.

Where to get it:

Amateur Tickling Video
All Involved Parties are Consenting Adults
Respective (C) Apply

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